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The name of this product is derived from the venturi effect which states that, the fluid pressure is reduced when the fluid passes through the constricted section of pipe. 

Venturi tube can be divided into 04 sections namely

  • Inlet cylinder
  • Inlet cone or convergent cone
  • Throat
  • Outlet cone or divergent cone

All these sections when connected together, forms venturi flow meter.

Venturi tubes gives accurate measurement of non-viscous fluids in clean as-well-as dirty fluids, manufactured strictly in accordance with ISO-5167, ASME MFC- 3M, BS-1042 etc. For critical measurement applications, wet calibration at reputed flow laboratories can be offered. We are specialised Venturi Tueb Manufacturer



The unique geometry of venturi provides a smooth entry as well as smooth exit for the fluid. This causes a less pressure drop across the venturi i.e. the differential pressure is less. Low DP means low permanent pressure loss. Venturi can be used for a wide variety of applications that include air, water, vapor, steam, gas, chemical substances, sludge and slurry applications. Since divergent cone is provided at outlet of venturi, the pressure recovery is very good. Thus it reduces operating costs and also reduces straight length requirement.

Typically the convergent angle is fixed to 21°. Divergent angle can be varied between 7°- 15° without any effect on the pressure loss and discharge coefficient.

Venturi tube is also referred as Classical venturi or Harshell venturi.


Venturi tube is broadly classified as truncated or Non truncated venturi. We are specialized venturi tube manufacturers

The venturi is called as Truncated when the outlet cone diameter of the venturi is less than the pipe dimension. When the same is equal to the pipe diameter venturi is called as non truncated type venturi.

The divergent cone can be truncated about 35% of its length without affecting the discharge coefficient.

Further the venturi is classified in 3 basic types, as given below:



  • Specifically useful for low pressure and low pressure drop area.
  •  Can be used for fluids containing dust of suspended particles.
  • Short upstream and downstream length required.
  • Low permanent pressure loss & high pressure recovery


Rectangular type venturi is used where the flow section is rectangular in shape instead of circular shape.

Based on the construction, this type of venturi is classified as

  • Rectangular venturi with single plane contraction
  • Rectangular venturi with double plane contraction

The material combination, design will be similar to the Classical venturi tube.

Depending on the piping requirement, venturi can be supplied with flanged end or BWE.

We are specialised Venturi Tube Manufacturers in India